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Looking for support? Carleton offers mental health and wellness services for staff and students. Want a student perspective?

Read our team's tips for coping with stress, managing a busy schedule, and taking care of yourself.

Entering post-secondary education is a big change from secondary school, and adjusting to greater academic expectations is a huge adaption. We've done it, and we want to make sure you have all the help to do it too!

We all come into first year with questions, but what if there was a guide with all the answers? Our team has been working on a guide to medicine and with varying experiences, we can't wait to share it with you all!

Not sure what courses you should take? Should you take challenging pre-med type courses or easy "birds"? See what we say based on our research and personal experiences.

Most pre-meds apply for after they have finished their undergrad degree, but what happens if you don't get in first try? This page outlines the various options available for you to pursue between graduation and med school acceptance.

While it is recommended pre-meds apply to as many schools as they can to maximize their chances of getting accepted, this may not be realistic due to financial or other constraints. Read our tips on selecting programs to apply to, and how to choose where you go.

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